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PIC Design Educational Tools are ideal for instruction in the use and application of precision industrial components. Standard stainless steel and aluminum parts are used throughout. These parts meet the same high quality standards as the rest of the parts in the PIC product line. No-Mar set screws allow repeated assembly and disassembly of components without marring of shafts.
All components contained in PIC Educational Kits are standard and available from PIC. Kits are supplied in rugged carrying cases designed to fully protect the precision instrument parts.

Select the Educational Kit that is best suited to teaching the principles of the electromechanical world around us.

***You may add part numbers in this section by manually adding the parts to the form then clicking the BUY button.***

Educational Kits: (include instructor's manual)

  • Starter Kit
    - an introduction to the fundamentals of gearing.
  • Upgrade Kit
    - introduces various types of gearing, such as worm and worm gears, bevel, helical herringbone and spiroid gear systems.
  • Electromechanical Kit
    - experiments with belt and gear drives, transducers, feedback, proportional control response time etc.
  • Linkage Kit
    Design and build linkage mechanism
  • Precision Mechanical Trainer

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