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 Part NumberDiaSize ToleranceMax Length (ft)Shaft MaterialCase DepthUOM
A11-241-1/21.4984/1.498910.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A12-241-1/21.4984/1.498910.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.080in
A10-4 1/4.2485/.24906.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.040in
A10L-4 1/4.2490/.24956.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.040in
A11-4 1/4.2485/.24906.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A10-6 3/8.3735/.37406.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.040in
A10L-6 3/8.3740/.37456.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.040in
A11-6 3/8.3735/.37406.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A10-8 1/2.4985/.49906.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.060in
A10L-8 1/2.4990/.49956.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.060in
A11-8 1/2.4985/.49906.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A12-8 1/2.4985/.49906.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.060in
A10-10 5/8.6235/.624010.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.060in
A10L-10 5/8.6240/.624510.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.060in
A11-10 5/8.6235/.624010.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A12-10 5/8.6235/.624010.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.060in
A10-12 3/4.7485/.749010.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.060in
A10L-12 3/4.7490/.749510.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.060in
A11-12 3/4.7485/.749010.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A12-12 3/4.7485/.749010.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.060in
A10-161.9985/.999010.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.080in
A10L-161.9990/.999510.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.080in
A11-161.9985/.999010.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A12-161.9985/.999010.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.080in
A10-201-1/41.2485/1.249010.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.080in
A10L-201-1/41.2490/1.249510.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.080in
A11-201-1/41.2485/1.249010.000303 Stainless Steel GroundN/Ain
A12-201-1/41.2485/1.249010.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.080in
A10-241-1/21.4984/1.498910.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.080in
A10L-241-1/21.4989/1.499410.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.080in
A12-2 1/8.1248/.12451.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.030in
A12-3 3/16.1873/.18701.330440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.030in
A12-4 1/4.2498/.24944.000440 C stainless Hardened and Ground.030in
ACS10-2 1/8.1248/.12451.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.030in
ACS10-3 3/16.1873/.18701.330C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.030in
ACS10-4 1/4.2498/.24944.000C-1060 Steel Hardened and Ground.030in

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